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October 2017
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Tag: green

Deep Forest, A New Pattern

There is this point in the seasons when the trees are bare (or mostly bare) and you can see deep into the wood.  The light strikes across the tress and branches, casting a dark lacey web of shadows across the forest floor and on any visitors walking the paths.  I was intrigued by these shadows [...]

When the end is only the beginning…

Goodness, this one was a long time coming. But I finally finished. Finally.lets call this photo “artsy” instead of blurry.This project was an ever constant source of both pride and annoyance in my life for a long 4 months. When I started her, I joked about how she was this hot affair that I could [...]

The problem with being a product knitter

I hate ripping back my work. Hate it. I live with big-ish mistakes far more often than I fix them.*So, it’s Thanksgiving break and everything. And so I’m all trying really, really hard to get my two remaining sleeves on the Aran Wrap Cardigan to a point where they can be knit, rather mindlessly once [...]

Sleeve Cap in Need. Desperate need.

OK. So remember that sweater of beautiful, beautiful awesomeness? The one from Vogue Knitting with tons of pattern issues (no blaming the designer here).I’ve made some progress. In fact, everything is pretty much done except for the sleeves. The delay? The time and attention needed to pick up sts (in pattern) and maintain concentration to [...]

My Bliss

A funny thing happened yesterday. After a short conversation with one of my staff members, I walked back to my apartment at about 8:30 and as I walked, my brain was empty. There was nothing imperative for me to do, nor was there any catching up to do with on of my RAs. I didn’t [...]

Popsicle! Limesicle!

I’m pleased to be able to announce one of my secret projects!Yay!Here we have Popsicle (Rav link), a new sock pattern that features a mirrored patterning across the foot. I designed this for Three Irish Girls yarn company and their Sock Yarnista sock club.I’m incredibly proud of this design and the way it turned out. [...]