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If I have one goal in life, it’s to live on a body of water. Growing up on a lake (the one in my banner, actually) clearly had some sort of impact. I find that when I’m near water, I’m most at peace – I’m most balanced.And so, on this journey… toward being completely buttoned up, I’ve got some journeys ahead of me: job searches, friends, lovers, photos, crafts, fame and fortune (or at least enough to own some waterfront property), cross-country moves, family adventures, and a little bit of writing. Hopefully all blogged, to some extent, here. Welcome friends.

So who am I?

I’m a second year master’s student in Higher Education and Student Affairs at the incredible Indiana University in the even-more incredibly awesome Bloomington, Indiana. I work in residence life, which means that this blog will always be pretty silent in August when I’m in training, then training a staff and then opening a building. I love my job because I get to form great friendships with incredible students who are in an awesome stage in life.

I took up knitting when I was in a crazy-stressed frame of mind where I wanted to be the be-all end-all of whatever I ended up doing… the pressure was intense. Knitting helped take me back down to where I ought to be and remind me that life is for living.

You can find me on ravelry via: allbuttonedup

You can find me on facebook via: Nicole Hindes (if you friend me, tell me you’re a blog reader or I’ll probably ignore you and think you’re a creeper)

You can email me via gmail: nicole dot hindes @ the rest

gratuitous lake shot, for your enjoyment.