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July 2007
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Strangling Vine (RAOK Pattern 1)

Vine lace foldedIntroducing the Strangling Vine Scarf:

  • Knit with less than a single skein of Sea Silk (a skein of SS is 430 or so yards of fingering weight)
  • Size US 4 needles (but it’s a scarf, so gauge is not essential – it’s about which drape you like most)
  • Not reversible (it’s a pretty pattern, but there is a wrong side – sorry)

And… it’s available for free!!Vine lace on meIn order to be worthy of the pattern you must…Do at least ONE random act of kindness. This is something that you have to do (you can’t just join a facebook group where someone else, somewhere is going to donate money for some cause) and it can’t be something you did yesterday before you read about this. I’m not going to tell anyone that whatever they did wasn’t enough… but try to do something that will have a little bit of an impact on the “good” quotient in the world- you know, do something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside! PLEASE leave me a comment letting me know what you did (so I can feel warm and fuzzy too).Why am I doing this? Well, the pattern isn’t too genius, but I do think it’s kinda pretty – and some people might want a copy of the pattern. This made the trouble of writing up the pattern “worth it.”At a loss for what to do? Here are some suggestions:

  • If you’re on Ravelry, donate! (Casey and Jess are working so hard… and now they’re doing this full time… They need some support!)
  • Send a college student you know a care package
  • Knit a square for a charity afghan or a scarf for the red-scarf project.
  • Send a letter or postcard via snail-mail to a person who’d never expect it and may not have anyone else who’d send them something.

Vine lace layersravdownload-button.gifClick the download button to get it now! Yay! (Don’t forget to do your RAOK!)12/23/07 -ETA- I used to offer this pattern via email – but it became WAY too much to keep up with (grad school is crazy ya’ll!) and so now… there’s a link! Yay. Less email junk for me to keep up with.


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